Encouraging greener living and working

Greener communities are more resilient communities. Our experience is that when people are given help to live and work in a more environmentally responsible way they will take action, change their behaviour and often become champions and advocates of sustainability.

We need to be greener in how we travel, how we work and how we consume. That is the only way we will meet the looming challenges of climate change but also ensure that an ageing population can stay active and well for longer, reducing the strain on our health and social care systems. Every neighbourhood faces these challenges but they will hit the disadvantaged the hardest.

We help individuals, households, communities, businesses and other organisations to think and act differently to reduce waste, conserve natural resources and cut carbon emissions. Those actions can in turn reduce bills, boost health and raise living standards. Our environmental project officers, specialist advisers on energy and water efficiency and our expert sustainable business consultants provide practical help to inspire individual and collective action on environmental and health issues – building networks that can promote wider take-up and demonstrating the case for more radical action by policymakers.

"With Groundwork comes, care, consideration, and putting the community at the heart of delivery. It is not about Groundwork when they undertake the work; it is about the community they serve."

A Hertfordshire Housing Association

Sustainable business support

Groundwork’s team of Business Advisors can help organisations to become resilient and sustainable, whilst reducing their impact on the local environment.

Support is available in three ways:

Business Energy Efficiency (BEE) Anglia

Helping your business to reduce its energy usage
and impact on the local environment.

Carbon Charter accreditation

Recognising your business’ efforts to be green and reduce its impact on the local environment.

Sustainable Business Consultancy

Consulting with your business to improve its waste, renewable energy, and resource management by conducting review, staff training, and resilience audits.


Since 2007 we have supported 2,100 businesses to improve the energy efficiency of their operations (and a further 135 with business resilience support), saving them over £2.87m and 16,300 tonnes of CO2 annually across Suffolk and Norfolk.

How Groundwork can help your business be sustainable and efficient

Business Energy Resilience Toolkit (BERT)

BERT is an on-line tool which helps businesses to develop and build a resilience action plan, effective alongside a resilience review from Groundwork.

During 2018/19, with funding from Suffolk Coastal and Waveney District Councils and the Environment Agency, the toolkit came with a free support package provided by Groundwork, which included telephone support, workshops and individual support to coastal businesses
in Suffolk and Norfolk.

Since 2015:

  • 127 onsite reviews
  • 146 remote reviews
  • reached over 1,500 businesses

Environmental Business Advice

Since 2007, businesses in Suffolk benefitted from remote support for their environmental enquiries on how to reduce energy use, waste and promote resource efficiency.

Business Energy Efficiency (BEE) Anglia

The first BEE Anglia programme came to an end in 2019, but due to its success, a new scheme has been launched, running from 2019 to 2022. BEEA provides free support to eligible organisations in Suffolk and Norfolk to help them become more energy efficient.

Support is available
three ways:

• Free energy reviews

• Grant Funding

• Carbon Charter Accreditation

Since 2015:

223 of grants submitted

811 reviews completed

£4,727,384 cost savings identified

31,952 tonnes of CO2e identified


A paid for consultancy service is available to businesses that aren’t eligible for other funded projects. Groundwork can help your business to review your resources, water and waste, train staff, and assess your energy management, carbon footprint, and resilience.


See how the Ipswich Building Society benefitted from this service on page 26.

Carbon Charter accreditation

The Carbon Charter is an award recognising carbon reduction measures in small and medium businesses. Gain your Bronze, Silver or Gold accreditation at a small cost with the help of Groundwork and the Suffolk Change Climate Partnership.

If your business is a Co-op supplier, you may be eligible for a reduced-cost accreditation.

Since 2010: 526 accreditations

Tackling food poverty in Luton

Groundwork has set up the Luton Food Poverty Alliance to tackle food poverty in Luton. We have been working with a number of partner organisations across the town and have united them to form the Alliance. Together we will reduce the number of residents in food poverty by teaching them new skills and providing support.

So far over 120 people have benefited from sessions with Groundwork; learning how to grow their own fresh produce and create tasty nutritional meals on a budget.

More recently, a group of residents has been using their experiences to help others. This group has become the ‘Experts by Experience’ and are sharing their knowledge at events, conferences and with organisations from the Alliance to work towards eradicating food poverty in Luton.