Building more sustainable communities means not just changing places and changing lives but also changing behaviours.

Through our projects we help individuals, households and whole organisations think and act differently to reduce waste, conserve natural resources and cut carbon emissions as well as encouraging a healthier, greener day-to-day lifestyle.

Living more sustainably is not just about protecting the environment for future generations; it can also help people reduce household bills and improve their health and wellbeing. For businesses, ethical practices and community engagement can bring a range of benefits – cutting costs, increasing productivity and enhancing customer loyalty. For families, our work encourages small changes with big implications such as growing vegetables to promote healthier eating, saving money on electricity or water and providing opportunities to get back to nature to combat stress and encourage physical activity.

Last year, we…

  • Supported people to achieve 162 qualifications
  • Helped 50 people into employment, education
    or training
  • Improved 38 young people’s educational attendance,
    75 young people’s attainment and 128 young people’s behaviour and aspirations
  • Got 330 people taking more exercise and worked
    with 208 people to have a healthier diet